We are German KRAFT Brewery. A 'craft' brewery with its roots in Germany, bringing the freshest, purest beer to the world.

German Kraft has a number of unique features that set it aside from other Craft Brewers and the large mass produced beers:

  • Exclusive water distillation and mineralization technology allows us to consistently create the perfect brewing water for very different types of beer. Since water is regarded as by far the most important ingredient for a good beer, this sets us aside from the average craft beer brewer who has to struggle with inconsistent and simply bad tap water. 

  • Traditional German Kraft beer recipes can be put to life with our personalised water, specialty hops and malts made for us by our German partner - creating well balanced beers deeply rooted in tradition with a modern twist.

  • Freshness is one of the biggest factors determining the quality of the beer experience. Our Guaranteed water quality and a highly controlled brewing process with German Equipment allow for a constantly high quality in any location to be delivered freshly to the customers. Unfiltered, unpasteurised and without preservatives.

  • Environmentally we are on a different planet with our water technology allowing for reuse of water, treatment of waste water and energy recuperation. In addition, most our beer will be enjoyed freshly out of our tanks or reusable containers. Doing the right thing now and anticipating future regulation.



MOnday                    5pm - 11pm

Tuesday - Sunday    11AM - 11PM


(Wednesdays dj student night)

(Tuesdays Live music "kraft sessions")