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German Kraft was born out of the desire to revive the ceremony that traditionally surrounds beer drinking; to create a locally brewed beer, full of character, that is served fresh at its point of origin. At the root of this vision, and allowing us to achieve pure, unadulterated beer is our water technology. This exclusive water distillation and mineralisation process allows us to optimise the taste of each individual beer by altering the pH levels of the water and the minerals to enhance the natural flavour.

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Brewing process

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Our partners

Due to the importance that we at German Kraft place upon tradition, we pride our links with our Bavarian partner Brewery Steinbach Bräu, located in Erlangen. This brewery is one that may be considered by the modern beer drinker as a ‘craft brewery’ but it is a label that they don’t necessarily identify with since they have been brewing by hand, on a small scale for the past 500 years, unlike many of the popular craft breweries known today. Their signature beer ‘Storchbräu’ is a lively lager, and like our beers is served fresh, unfiltered, unpasteurised and free from additives. Additionally, Steinbach is where our Braumeister, Tobi, finished his 7 yearlong education.

german kraft beer craft brewery steinbach
german kraft beer craft brewery steinbach


Whilst our beer is primarily served in our Taproom at Mercato Metropolitano we also supply to Steins, Richmond, a German casual dining experience located on the Thames Riverbank. With their three locations spanning Kensington, Richmond and Kingston, Steins has supported the German community and perpetuated the consumption of authentic German food and beer.

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Zip Technologies

The Hungarian based company are the suppliers of all our state-of-the-art brewing equipment and business partners.