About us

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German Kraft was born from the deep desire to experience the old German tradition of locally brewed beer full of character being served fresh at its point of origin. This wonderful event can now be enjoyed all over the world in consistent, wonderful quality and purity thanks to advances in water technology. We are bringing this to life because of our love for beer, good simple food and friendship. Exclusive water distillation and mineralization technology allows us to consistently create the purest perfect brewing water for very different types of beer. 

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Brewing process

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Our partners

Steinbach Bräu is a brewery located in Erlangen, Bavaria. It is what other people would call a 'craft brewery' although they don't refer to themselves as such since they have been brewing by hand on a small scale for the past 500 years. Their signature beer 'Storchbräu' is a lively lager, that is only served fresh because it is unfiltered, has no additives and isn't pasteurized or messed with at all and the taste is out of this world. Steinbach lends us brewmasters and helps us with access to old recipes as inspiration.

german kraft beer craft brewery steinbach
german kraft beer craft brewery steinbach


Steins is a German restaurant / pub in south west London. It has got three locations in Kensington, Richmond and Kingston providing the German community with great homey dishes and our beer.

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Zip Technologies

Zip Technologies from Hungary is our state of the art brewery equipment provider and partner.